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Shangri La Singapore is the right destination for solo travelers. By doing these activities, you will feel a different and valuable experience. Here is some information about room recommendations and saving tips that you will find out through the information below.

Me Time at Museums and Galleries

Singapore has several galleries and museums with extraordinary collections that are a shame if you rush into it. That’s why you shouldn’t miss out on a valuable opportunity while staying at the Shangri La Hotel. This inn is very strategic and close to the MAD Museum of Art and Design.

So, the museum is a stand-alone local building with the unique purpose of displaying accessibility through exclusive works. MAD has been open since 2009 and is the first private museum with a display of contemporary works that the public can access through a two-story room up to 19,000 ft wide.

The location is along Tanglin Road and has featured many prestigious events such as the Mini Cooper, Mini Clubman Premier, and Louis Vuitton invitation-only launches. The fusion menu is the best international and shabu-shabu. It is so tasty and many people like it a lot.

Shopping Day

Singapore is a shopping paradise. It is not only Orchard Road that you can visit if you stop at Shangri La. Fashion products that are very popular and well known are low-end and middle-end, such as Adidas, Kate Spades, and Charles & Keith.

No need to wait for the discount season because you can take advantage of the Singapore Rediscover Voucher and enjoy discounted prices. If you prefer to shop in small boutiques, don’t forget to visit Haji Lane which is a colorful shop. Not only clothes, but you can also find many home decorations here.

Visit Natural Attractions

The moment of traveling alone allows you to pull over to nature. That way, you can freshen up on the MatRichie Nature Trail and Reservoir Park which is a nature reserve in the center of Singapore.

This park has four zones with alluring attractions, such as Swan Lake in the Tanglin zone. Several restaurants and cafes can serve you well to relax and enjoy the sights of Singapore.

Choose a Room That Fits Your Budget

You can choose a non-smoking room and one that has many facilities such as a spa, as well as a swimming pool. The availability of a smoking room will make you feel more comfortable to enjoy a pleasant vacation time. Solo travelers can be very helpful in saving the budget because room rental prices are affordable.

The view of the park and residential area makes the view that you will get even more enchanting. Always remember not to push the budget and still save money when staying at hotels.

Are you ready to do a solo traveler? Immediately prepare your budget when staying at Shangri La Singapore. Several benefits such as Singapore Rediscover Voucher are ready to wait and will make purchasing easier.

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